Carnival Taking Care Of Agents

To show its appreciation to travel agents, Carnival Cruise Line said it will honour the commission tier each account earned in 2019 through 2022.

By doing so, Carnival is ensuring that travel advisors will continue to earn commission at their current rates for the next two years without commission percentage changing.

Adolfo Perez, Carnival’s senior vice president of global trade sales and marketing, said: “We truly appreciate the continued partnership and loyalty of our valued travel partners. By maintaining our current commission tiers, we’re recognizing the important role that travel advisors play in the vacation-selling process while providing peace of mind knowing their efforts through 2022 will be compensated at the rate they have worked so hard to earn.”

Carnival had previously announced that commission tiers would be maintained through 2021, so today’s announcement extends this protection for an additional year.  Commissions are typically commensurate with sailed booking volumes at Carnival.

This latest announcement is part of the line’s Onboard with You pledge which includes tools that support travel partners as a key success factor in Carnival’s previously announced plan of a gradual, phased in return to cruising.