Carnival Unveils New ‘eCollateral Library’ for Agents


Selling Carnival Cruise Line has just got easier for agents as the popular cruise line has redesigned its travel agent marketing collateral library with new e-flyer designs, enhanced customization options and greater ease of navigation.

Enhancements to the “Fun eCollateral Library” are part of the line’s Onboard with You program and were made based on direct feedback from the line’s Travel Partner Advisory Committee and business development managers.

“This enhanced version of our ‘Fun eCollateral Library’ provides travel agents with a more streamlined way to create custom-designed marketing flyers that best suits their particular needs,” said Carnival’s vice-president of sales and trade marketing Adolfo Perez. “We listened to agent feedback and eliminated categories that were being underutilized, created new ones and designed more space for agents to customize the flyers with their own marketing message for their clients.”

With the revamped “Fun eCollateral” page in, agents may now select their preferred flyers more quickly and easily.

Content has also been streamlined to include categories that agents indicated were the most beneficial to their marketing needs. A new “lifestyle” category was added to include flyers highlighting target markets like families, groups, couples, Millennials and seniors.
Additionally, a new “onboard” category features flyers covering the overall cruise experience, dining and staterooms. Destination flyers continue to be part of the collection and now feature an enhanced design.