itravel2000 has announced that Brad Miron has resigned as the company\’s executive vice president of business development. His last day with the company was Sept. 27, 2013.

In a prepared statement confirming Miron\’s departure, Chris Howell, chairman, Travelzest PLC, and Nigel Jenkins, non-executive director, said:

\”During his 14 years with us, Brad played a critical role in our business. He developed innovative programs to increase business and passengers and successfully implemented strategic initiatives with our suppliers … Given Brad Miron’s key position with us, we do not want to leave him in a difficult position with respect to speaking with our partners and suppliers. Therefore, in passing, we want to mention Brad’s legal obligations to the company. Specifically, he is subject to non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality provisions that prohibit him from being engaged directly or indirectly in competition with the company.\”

Howell and Jenkins statement continued:

\”We are very excited to bring on board Brad’s replacement, who will be taking over as itravel2000’s new vice president of business development on Oct. 7. Due to existing legal obligations with his current employer, we are unable to announce the specific details of our new VP of business development’s name and contact information during this transition period. However, he brings over 16 years of industry experience to itravel2000. That experience coupled with a deep understanding of our markets and customers are an ideal fit to help take our business partnerships and supplier relationships to the next level.\”

And they went on to say that:\”Those wanting to deal with an issue before Oct. 7 that would have been Miron\’s territory are asked to contact Jenkins at [email protected].