The 2021 Air Canada Race In Switzerland Signals Hope For The Industry

Although there have been multiple Air Canada Races held since its inception in 2006, arguably the most monumental is the 2021 edition which just wrapped up in Switzerland from August 28-Sept. 2. The competition signalled a restart of travel as it marked the first international trip for the majority of the 36 travel advisors who participated since the pandemic had a detrimental impact on the industry.

“While this is the eighth Air Canada Race, this particular one is very special in my view,” Lisa Pierce, Vice President, Canada & USA Sales at Air Canada, told Canadian Travel Press, noting that this moment stands out in her 35 year career with the airline. “It is the ultimate demonstration of resiliency and partnership. We had the courage to plan an event during an incredibly uncertain time with the faith that science and the collective passion of our industry would prevail and prevail it has.”

A strong showing of Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations and Switzerland Tourism executives were also on location joining the diverse group of agents from across Canada as well as a select number of American advisors.

“The goal is to reassure, reengage and recognize our agency partners, especially front line agents,” said Pierce. “It is my hope that as pioneers on this international journey to Switzerland, we build confidence in travel and return home to Canada with memories that will be the topic of many great conversations for years to come. I, for one, still remember like yesterday my first trip to Switzerland with my sister when I was just 21.”

Pascal Prinz, Director Canada for Switzerland Tourism, said working on the event over the past year gave him hope and optimism for the future during an uncertain time.

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