Finds Home Is Where The Heart Is

In its latest poll, reports that Canadians are planning to celebrate Canada Day at home as the high cost of fuel has limited their options. Canada asked Canadians how they planned to spend the holiday while also searching for what is the most iconic way to celebrate.

Daniel Hayter, Senior Product Manager for, said: “As we prepare to celebrate Canada’s 155th birthday, we wanted to get a pulse of what people were feeling towards their travel plans to mark the occasion. It’s evident that the rising costs in fuel will keep families closer to home.”

The Canada Day Survey found that a majority of Canadians (52%) stated that they would be staying home for Canada Day, and roughly 27% said that they would only drive a short distance.

With gas prices setting records for all-time highs, it is not surprising that people are being more selective with their driving habits. Of note, over 70% of respondents stated that the out-of-control gas prices have affected their Canada Day plans.

It might not come as a surprise that over 44% of Canadian respondents agreed that the ideal way to spend Canada Day is by enjoying a BBQ, followed by 22% who preferred watching fireworks and then camping (18.5%) and water sports (14.9%).

Many can agree that no Canada Day is complete without partaking in certain activities.

This, of course, begs the question, what is the most quintessentially Canadian thing to do on Canada Day?

The majority of Canadians (53.9%) claim that it is not in fact playing hockey, but is actually BBQ’ing, followed by decorating their home with Canadian Flags (28%), jumping in a pool (10%), and last but definitely not least, eating poutine (8.2%).

These key findings were reported from a study conducted by over one week from June 8 through June 15, 2022, with results determined automatically through a third-party tracking system.