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China Eastern Makes Asia Incredible

China Eastern Airlines wants Canadian travel agents to know everything about its network between North America and Asia.

Seven gateways in North America with Toronto and Vancouver gateways in Canada

Currently, China Eastern Airlines has seven gateways in North America: Toronto and Vancouver in Canada as well as New York, Chicago,Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu in US.

Five hubs in China: The airline’s main hub is located in Shanghai with four other secondary hubs in Beijing, Kunming, Xi’an and Qingdao in China.

An extensive network of Asia: The carrier offers service to more than 50 destinations of 17 additional Countries in Asia via Shanghai,Kunming and other hubs.

From Shanghai, the airline operates flights to 39 cities in 13 countries, including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Maldives and United Arab Emirates.

From Kunming, the carrier operates flights to 23 cities in 14 countries, including Thailand, Bangladesh,

Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lank, Laos, Myanmar, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

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