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China Visit Can Be ‘Great’

Barbara Wang knows of a “Great” way to spend part of a China vacation.

Wang, general manager of Beijing-based Motivate China, says her company’s clients can spend part of their China holiday helping care for the country’s most iconic symbol.

Wang, in Toronto Tuesday for a Platinum DMC Collection gathering, said among available activities for her firm’s clients in the Beijing area is helping with restoration efforts on the long-standing Great Wall of China.

“It’s very easy,” she reassured. “You’re there to lay bricks [that were from the original structure and came loose] and we take a photo [of the participant]. Our DMC staff will do all the hard work.”
Participants – who are invited to spend 30 minutes or more on restoration efforts – will receive a certificate from an appreciative Chinese government.

Meanwhile, Wang said her huge country is a culturally diverse part of the world, which will be quickly noticeable to those exploring it.
Unsurprisingly, Beijing features prominently in China travel plans and Wang suggested those planning to visit the city spend three days there, touring it and the surrounding area. (http://www.motivatechina.com)

Pictured at the Tuesday gathering were a kilted Yves Lemarchand of Experience Scotland, who’s ready to get a leg up on the competition; Nuria Faus of Faus Incentives in Argentina; Carlos Montero of Swiss Travel Costa Rica; Dean Swift of VAT IT; Dallyce Macas of Platinum DMC Collection; Wang; Brad Williams of Platinum DMC Collection; Karine Berberian of Key Call France; Sanjay Bhatt of Creative Travel India; Victor Canizares of SHE Spanish Heritage; Kenelma de Paredes of Panama’s Turista Internacional; Patricio Zamorano of Turavion Chile; and Pierre Oudine of RaisingStonesEvents in Monaco.

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