Cirque de Soleil Show, Theatre a First for Mexico


Cirque de Soleil executives took the opportunity presented by Tianguis Turistico 2014 to announce that a new show is coming to the Riviera Maya, near the Grand Mayan Resort.

The famous touring exhibition of choreographed acrobatics and musical story telling will establish a permanent home at an intimate high-tech theatre now being constructed near the resort property. This is the first such venture by Cirque de Soleil in Mexico.

As such, Cirque de Soleil and partners Grupo Vidanta are establishing new directions for the Cirque brand. For instance, the stand alone theatre is separate from the main resort property, unlike permanent Cirque venues in Las Vegas. As well, the new theatre will incorporate a dining component, giving guests a fine cuisine option in an all-inclusive ticket.

The show has been created around a Mexican culture theme, and will be called “Joya.” The first soft opening show is scheduled for Nov. 8, and the official world premiere is Nov. 21.

Pictured at Tianguis are Daniel Lamarre (l) of Cirque de Soleil and Daniel Chavez of Grupo Vidanta in front of the theatre construction site.