CITC: Six dates to keep in mind

The CITC has six dates it wants those “on the move”to keep in mind. Tomorrow (Feb. 9) sees the CITC and Steve Crowhurst of SMP Training present Travel Safety 101: “Be the local travel specialist in Travel Safety.”This 60-minute webinar comes with a 60-page workbook. CITC and ACTA special pricing are in effect ( Feb 22 sees a 45-minute open forum with Nolan Burris of This is the first of four CITC-membership-exclusive sessions where people can submit questions on the topic of the day or if time allows, ask questions live during the forum. The first topic will be Social Media. The event is free for CITC members. Feb. 29 sees a free industry webinar. “You’ve heard about COMMUNIVERSITY and the 600-plus programs that can enhance your career and self-improvement opportunities, now you can find the answer to some of those questions you’ve been meaning to ask.”Information and registration are at . March 1 sees Video Training with Nolan Burris. “Attending a live webinar can sometimes be a challenge. What if you could download a video course and watch it on your schedule? Starting March 1, you can!”The first video is “Managing and Marketing Across Generations. In this lively and informative workshop, we will explore how generational traits specifically apply to the travel industry in both marketing and managing your staff.”CITC and ACTA special pricing in effect. March 15 sees Cory Andrichuk of brandUcoaching Inc., who “inspires, motivates and challenges you. Today’s very timely topic is a ‘Primer on Prospecting and Marketing groups via business social media.'”Details at . March 29 is CITC’s 44th AGM in Toronto, including a free educational seminar for all industry members. Formal notice of the AGM may be viewed at .