Clarity TTS Partners With Emirates On New Initiative

Clarity Technology Solutions (Clarity TTS) is partnering with Emirates to extend the carrier’s online brand to travel retailers and integrate it into the travel tech provider’s trading platforms.

The partnership between Emirates and Clarity TTS emphasizes an airline’s need to have the expertise of the right technology provider to remain successful in the competitive world of the travel industry.

Clarity TTS, known for its seamless and tailor-made integration systems, will use New Distribution Capabilities to achieve these goals.

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is an IATA-led initiative that uses an XML-based data transmission standard to improve an airline’s ability to sell and market its products. The system also allows airlines to offer and sell ancillary products (like baggage fees, pre-assigned seats, Lounge access etc.).

In securing a partnership with Emirates, Clarity TTS continues to prove its expertise in travel industry. Its strong mobile and business-to-business strategy, efficient and cost-effective Application Programming Interface (API) allows Clarity TTS’ customers to maximize their profits while staying ahead of the game.

Clarity TTS CEO Thava Tharmaligam said that: “This news couldn’t have come at a better time. We are here to help travel trade partners by connecting them with Emirates Airline’s NDC content and allowing them to book and ticket. One simple integration to help increase revenue.”

The IATA Certified Level 4 New Distribution Capability Distribution (NDC) Aggregator is excited to bring their range of seamless systems and global customers within the travel industry to the premier airline and advance Emirates Airline to greater success and travel satisfaction.





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