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Clegg and Andrichuk start a Revolution

For agents tired of hearing that they are “unprofessional, hobbyists, order takers and that the average Joe can book his own vacation online,”travel agents Mary Clegg and Cory and Cheri Andrichuk have started a revolution as founders of the “Travel Agent Revolution,”a company dedicated to “shouting from the roof tops”the value of using a professional travel agent. The Travel Agent Revolution is a grassroots movement, putting travel agents first. It is about helping all agents from all walks of life understand that they matter in their business; that personal and professional development are just as important as product knowledge when it comes to selling travel. The Revolution offers innovative business resources that will teach agents how to brand and market themselves and then align with the correct products to sell. Agents will discover who they are, what they want to achieve and how to define their success, not someone else’s definition of it. Agents who join the “Revolution”will be trained on how to market themselves and grow their business based on personal branding and their professional passion for travel. “Our mission at the Travel Agent Revolution is to provide a roadmap for travel agents to build their own brand and business, focusing on personal and professional development and training and not just product training. Finding out why the agent is in travel, what their passions are and then fitting the right products that relate to their passions, is what we are all about,”said Cory Andrichuk, principal founder of the Travel Agent Revolution. The Travel Agent Revolution launched their new web site at http://www.travelagentrevolution.com on June 25. According to Clegg, agents are able to join from $12 per month, which includes opportunities for certification training, mentorship, group business coaching, industry resources, and regularly scheduled live and virtual training events. The Revolution will also spearhead a revolutionary consumer campaign that is aimed at promoting the value of using a professional travel agent when planning a vacation of a lifetime. “Making this type of training value packed and affordable for all agents is extremely important in today’s economy. Another focus that has been travel agent driven, is our goal to fund a social media consumer campaign that will educate the public to plan their next vacation with a trusted travel agent and not even consider any other booking options,”said Clegg. Agents who join by August 1 will receive a discount off the normal rate of $12 per month to $9 per month as a founding member of the Travel Agent Revolution. (http://www.travelagentrevolution.com)

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