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CLIA adds new VP

CLIA has named Bud Darr as its new vice-president of technical and regulatory affairs. Darr will lead the technical and regulatory affairs function at CLIA, including monitoring of domestic and international regulatory policies, developing industry-wide recommendations and representing the industry on a variety of technical and regulatory issues. In addition, Darr will lead the Technical and Regulatory Affairs team in their role as CLIA representatives at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Darr joined CLIA in September 2010 after 17 years of service in a variety of roles both military and civilian for the U.S. Coast Guard, and has been director of environmental and health programs. Prior to joining CLIA, Darr served as deputy chief of the Office of Maritime and International Law, where he was responsible for the domestic and international legal aspects of numerous mission areas. Darr succeeds Michael Crye, who is leaving CLIA after 12 years of distinguished senior leadership to the cruise industry. For more, go to .

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