CLIA Opens Enrolment for 2020

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has opened enrolment for its 2020 Travel Agency Membership (TAM) and Individual Agent Membership (IAM) programs.

The cruise industry plays a leadership role in tourism and is a mainstream vacation choice in major markets throughout the world. CLIA Membership elevates the credibility and reputation of agencies and their individual agents within the travel industry and is built to help members navigate the cruise industry, attract more clients and increase earnings. Enrolment for 2020 CLIA membership is now open, for membership valid through Dec. 31, 2020.

CLIA Membership establishes agents as a cruise travel authority in the eyes of consumers and provides instant industry recognition with booking credentials (agency) and the CLIA EMBARC ID (agents). It also affords access to industry-leading professional development, cruise line bonus commissions, training and webinars, as well as exclusive personal travel perks and discounts. New for 2020, CLIA is augmenting its business-building benefits by launching an affinity program as well as expanded professional development offerings.

Travel agencies interested in joining can apply for a Travel Agency Membership. Individual Agent Membership is open to travel agents associated with a 2020 CLIA Travel Agency Member.


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