Clique Hotels Seeing Continued Growth

Celebrating growth of more than 300% over 10 years, Clique has become one of Alberta’s best hospitality and accommodation businesses and is just months away from opening Canmore’s first four-star luxury hotel.

Founded in 1997 by Canmore local businessman Jim Muir, Clique Hotels and Resorts (then known as Summit Resort Management Inc., changed to Clique in 2010) was created to support the Western Canada tourism industry by operating high-performance hotels and resorts and delivering unparalleled customer service and luxurious accommodation.

Jim Muir, president of Clique Hotels and Resorts, observed: “As a local Canmore resident, it was important to me that the tourism industry in Canmore and Alberta was highly revered. Our beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape, culture, and history is something that deserves to be celebrated in style and comfort. I saw the opportunity for Clique Hotels and Resorts to step-up and contribute to the local community.”

With over 500 staff in seven hotels and resorts, five in Canmore and two in Calgary, Clique Hotels and Resorts consistently place in Trip Advisor’s Top Ten lists.

The next development to be added to the Clique portfolio is the new Malcolm Hotel at Spring Creek, which plans to officially open in November 2018 but is currently taking bookings for events and small group accommodation. The Malcolm Hotel will be the first traditional hotel to open in Canmore in the last 20 years.

Currently, Clique is having great success with its unique “Clique Mystery” getaway feature in Canmore, where guests are offered up to 50% off hotel accommodation. Guests who book Clique Mystery will not know where they are staying until three days prior to their arrival.

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