Club Med interested in Le Massif

During the Unir nos forces pour favoriser le developpement touristique conference held by Quebec City’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Groupe Le Massif’s chairman of the board of directors, Daniel Gauthier, stressed the importance of support provided by a full range of partners. Among a number of reasons, the Massif de Charlevoix project was made possible thanks to the Charlevoix and Greater Quebec City communities, its employees, assorted levels of government, Investissement Quebec, CN, Desjardins, the National Bank of Canada and various shareholders such as Groupe Germain, and Guy Laliberte. Gauthier also took the opportunity to announce that last week, a letter of mutual interest was signed between Club Med and Groupe Le Massif indicating their common wish to enter into a partnership agreement to jointly operate a Club Med located at Le Massif de Charlevoix, in Petite-Riviere-Saint-FranÏ

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