Club Med Introduces ‘I-frame’ agency tool


Club Med is promoting its new “I-frame” program, an online tool that allows travel agencies to showcase the resort company’s offerings at all times on third party web sites.

The new agent tool is designed to as an optimized way to boost business and provide efficient information to clients.

I-frame is a vertical content block that any travel agency can incorporate into their web site on a dedicated page of their choice. The content of this block is managed by Club Med, guaranteeing constant upscale branding, as well as up-to-date and relevant information about Club Med offers and resorts. It is hosted on the travel agency’s web site, with its own call to action. I-frames can be incorporated simply by a travel agency’s webmaster at any time.

“It is very important for us to invest in tools that help our indirect travel partners grow their business,” said Jacinda Lowry, national sales director for Club Med. “With online distribution channels at the centre of the customer booking journey, it is key that travel agencies always have up-to-date and engaging Club Med content on their web site. The I-frame is a win-win solution, with no extra work for the agency and user-friendly content for their customers. We hope that numerous travel agencies will take this opportunity and implement this tool that we developed specifically for them.”

A step-by-step installation guide is available on for any agency to implement. Once installed, the I-frame does not require any work or maintenance from the agency. It is recommended that there be a simple path with a direct link from the homepage or the web site’s navigation bar to the I-frame, to ensure the Club Med I-frame is easily accessible for the customer. In a user-friendly fashion, the I-frame’s responsive design allows the client to navigate from any platform: desktop, tablet or mobile phone.