Club Med Launches 2019 Specialist Program

For the fourth consecutive year, Club Med is offering special agent training, including a program of eight webinars over a three-month period.

Each of the webinars will educate travel partners on strong reasons to suggest the Trident brand and why travellers should choose Club Med resorts. The Club Med team has built an experience-based program, personalized to suit traveller expectations, around agents’ need to follow the latest industry trends and meet their customers’ needs.

“This year, we wanted to present the diversity of our Club Med product portfolio from the perspective of the experiences that can be enjoyed in each of our resorts,” said Jacinda Lowry, national director of sales, Club Med Canada. “This webinar program will help travel advisors reinforce their expertise and familiarize themselves with our products and the spirit of our brand, as well as immerse them in the unique experience offered by Club Med.”

The program focuses on three main features: Interactivity, with quizzes, surveys, downloadable documents and the ability to ask questions live during the webinar; Personalization, with content adapted to the needs of travel advisors and their customers; Accessibility, with the option of registering now for each session or consulting the recorded versions on the Club Med Agents website until Aug. 31.

Agents who watch at least six of the eight webinars will receive a diploma and an e-mail signature to convey the “2019 Club Med Specialist” certification to their customers and prospects.

Participants in each webinar will also have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate and be in a draw for a grand prize of 20,000 Great Advisor points will be held on Sept. 1 from the pool of all certified 2019 Club Med Specialists.

All webinars are available in both English and French, with two sessions at different times for each language.

  • Webinar 1: “Experience a real all-inclusive” – April 3

Delicious food, kids clubs, sports and activities, open bar… With this webinar, agents will discover the main reason to choose Club Med: a formula that is truly all-inclusive for a worry-free vacation.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

  • Webinar 2: “Benefit from great tools to achieve your objectives” – April 10

With a live interactive look at the Club Med Agents website, this webinar will help travel advisors familiarize themselves with the advantages and tools available to effectively sell Club Med vacations.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

  • Webinar 3: “Enjoy an idyllic break in the Americas” – April 24

This webinar will introduce the upcoming Club Med novelties in Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

  • Webinar 4: “Take a sunbath in amazing long-haul destinations” – May 8

With this webinar dedicated to Club Med destinations around the world, agents can experience Italy, Portugal, Bali, Thailand and the French Alps.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

  • Webinar 5: “Ski on the slopes of tremendous resorts” – May 15

Transportation, ski lifts, a variety of activities, delicious food. This webinar will present everything included in Club Med ski resorts and popular resorts in the Alps and Asia.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

  • Webinar 6: “Try out a luxury experience” – May 29

For customers in search of refined, extraordinary experiences, this webinar will introduce the Club Med Exclusive Collection and its luxurious products: Exclusive Collection Resorts and Spaces, Villas & Chalets and cruises aboard Club Med 2.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

  • Webinar 7: “Find the perfect balance between work and entertainment”- June 5

What if you could work from the most beautiful places in the world? This webinar will reveal how to organize a group stay with Meetings & Events by Club Med and find the perfect balance between work and entertainment.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

  • Webinar 8: “Indulge your clients with additional programs”- June 19

And if customers are still hesitating to choose Club Med for their next vacation, this webinar will give travel advisors the ultimate reasons to convince them: personalized programs that provide many benefits and discounts.

To register: 11 a.m.,; 2 p.m.,

The complete program is also available at