Club Med Showcases Resorts With Interactive Brochure

Continuing its commitment to sustainability, Club Med has released a digitally updated brochure that comprehensively covers all the need-to-know product and service news for the upcoming year.

The new interactive experience also features three brand new resorts; Club Med Québec Charlevoix, Canada, Club Med La Rosière, France and Club Med Seychelles, East Africa.

Future guests and travel agents will find all the details they need to plan their next getaway, including additional information on Club Med’s Safe Together program, designed to make guests’ safety and peace of mind a priority.

The 2021 brochure is fully interactive and readers can now engage with photos and videos in ways that are only possible online. The new menu allows users to jump from one section of the brochure to the next with ease and virtually jump from one part of the world to the other to discover all the offerings Club Med has across the globe.

The links embedded in the brochure will also bring readers directly to resources where they can learn and watch videos about specific resorts, programs, activities and amenities.

Travel Agents will also be able to look up and share essential information about different property benefits with ease to help fulfill vacation wishes. Additionally, updated maps and grids will allow agents to quickly reference and compare resorts, including details on the top activities and amenities at each destination.

New resorts highlighted in the brochure include: Club Med Québec Charlevoix, Canada; Club Med La Rosière, France; and Club Med Seychelles, East Africa.

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