Cobblestone Freeway Tours Picks Discover the World

Discover the World will partner with Cobblestone Freeway Tours to support travel trade sales across Canada effective July 20, 2021. Having provided sales representation for a number of travel companies in Canada for over 28 years, Discover the World will leverage its local knowledge to grow awareness of Cobblestone Freeway Tours and increase revenues.

Jane Clementino, Director of Discover the World Canada, said: “Cobblestone Freeway Tours specializes in culturally rich and diverse travel experiences to Eastern European countries including Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. We are delighted to represent a tour operator who offers an elevated travel experience that enriches your knowledge of living traditions and opens the door to once-in-a-lifetime moments.”

Vincent Rees, CEO and Founder, noted that: “We are beyond excited to be partnering with Discover the World to help more people make a “Cobblestone connection” with the places we visit. Discover the World utilizes their expertise to help brands reach a wider audience, which allows us to focus on the experience we create for travellers, by engaging with local artisans, villagers and folk performers in the places we visit.”

And Rees added: “It is our goal to take travellers beyond the bucket list, and create opportunities for them to make meaningful connections through food, music, traditions and sincere interactions. So, let’s begin, and discover the World … in a Cobblestone way!”

Agents will have a chance to discover what Cobblestone Freeway has to offer as there is an upcoming fam trip based on the operator’s “Great Ukraine” tour that departs on Oct. 9 for 9 days (and allowing companions).

The tour visits Kyiv, Chernivtsi, the Carpathian Mountains and Lviv including excursions and tours, four UNESCO Heritage sites, some special events and also some down time.

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