Collette Puts the Spotlight on 13 Special Tours


Collette is putting the spotlight on 13 special tours for the 2016-17 season with the release of its new spotlights travel guide.

Spotlight tours allow travellers to truly immerse themselves into specific cultures by highlighting singular destinations. The tours feature single-hotel stays, unique Collette inclusions and leisure time to explore locations in detail.

The 2016-17 guide includes general information about the 13 tours, including the cultural experiences and special memories travellers can expect from their time with Collette. Tours offered in the 2016-17 travel guide include Spotlight on London, Spotlight on Venice in the Winter, Spotlight on Dublin, Spotlight on New York and more. Spotlight travellers will have the opportunity to enjoy such experiences as dining at the Eifel Tower, tasting Spanish wine during a winery tour, cruising through San Francisco Bay, visiting Rome’s famous Colosseum and more.

“Spotlight tours allow for guests to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and cuisine of a particular destination,” said Dan Sullivan Jr., president and CEO of Collette. “With the perfect blend of leisure time and inclusions, travellers can truly understand the story that each of these cities has to tell.”