Collette Resumes Paid Employee Volunteer Program

Dan Sullivan, CEO of Collette, announced the resumption of the company’s employee volunteer program to assist local nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve.

Prior to the pandemic, Collette employees volunteered approximately 4,500 hours of service annually to more than 25 nonprofit organizations throughout Toronto, Canada and in Rhode Island where Collette is headquartered.

Sullivan said that: “Since the early days of Collette, one of our core philosophies has been to positively impact the communities where we work, live and travel.” And Sullivan observed: “It was frustrating not to engage with our community during the pandemic, and we are excited to get back to it by rolling up our sleeves, helping where we can, and working side by side with our wonderful neighbors and friends.”

With Collette’s employee volunteer program, employees are paid their normal salary for volunteering up to four hours per month. The company’s 490 employees may volunteer at any of the volunteer events the company sponsors each month or at any nonprofit they choose. Employees in leadership roles are encouraged to serve on a nonprofit board or in a similar advisory capacity.

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