Come Sail Away On Norwegian Prima

If there’s a surefire way to measure Norwegian Cruise Line’s ongoing commitment to the travel trade, president and chief executive officer Harry Sommer said one prime example is in the amount of agents invited to experience the brand new Norwegian Prima.

“We’ve committed over the course of the season, that we’re going to put 10,000 travel agents on this ship between now and November when this inaugural season ends because we’re super committed to the trade,” he shared during the inaugural sailing from Reykjavík. “Ten thousand cabins — I don’t think anyone has done that before — we’re all in.”

Sommer highlighted that strong industry partnerships and getting the trade onboard to experience the product firsthand drives consumer demand.

“We can’t win without trade support… We have a community of thousands of travel agents throughout the world, really smart and accomplished businesspeople with unique business models to drive bookings to us,” he said. “I can say without hesitation, without caveat, that they are a cornerstone to the success of this company. We couldn’t do it without them.”

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