Coming to a Theatre Near You


Brand USA, America’s destination marketing organization, is producing a film for IMAX and other giant screen theatres that celebrates the USA as a top travel destination, reports PressToday correspondent Mike Baginski from International Pow Wow in Chicago.

With a planned release in mid-2015 to honour the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service, the film, which was previewed at the annual US travel trade show yesterday (April 7), will focus on one of the nation’s most treasured assets — the US National Parks and Federally managed lands.

“Today, there are over 400 of these gems located in wilderness areas, and in the core of many of the United States most vibrant cities, making for some of our most popular tourist destinations and the world’s most iconic attractions,” said Brand USA president and CEO Christopher Thompson. “This giant-screen film will capture the myriad of experiences available through the nation’s great outdoors, therefore inspiring visitors to discover the beauty and diversity across the United States.”

The film, dubbed “Wild USA” will be produced by MacGillivray Freeman, a leading independent producer of films for IMAX which has produced five of the top 10 highest grossing giant-screen films of all time, including the first to gross more than $150 million — the blockbuster hit “Everest.”

“US national parks feature some of the most grandiose and awe-inspiring natural landscapes on the planet, and we are thrilled to bring them to the giant screen,” said producer Shaun MacGillivray. “The size and immersive nature of the IMAX and giant screen platforms is the perfect canvas to showcase the beauty and wonder of the national parks.”

There are more than 800 IMAX and Giant Screen theatres in over 57 countries, including Canada, and growing. China, one of the United States’ top 10 countries in both international visitation and spend, has the second largest market with over 75 IMAX and Giant Screen theatres located throughout the country.

Thompson also announced that Brand USA will be renewing and refreshing its “Land of Dreams” campaign, which featured TV commercials based on the specially written Roseanne Cash song of the same name, as well as its web site.

US tourism has a mandate of reaching 100 million visitors by 2021, but US Travel Association president Roger Dow revealed that the goal would likely be met by 2019, with Brand USA’s marketing efforts in the past three years being integral to that new path to success, which saw the US post a record 70 million arrivals in 2013.