Confidence Improves As Delta Recedes

Longwoods International reports that the drop in new cases, hospitalizations and deaths from coronavirus is boosting confidence in present and future travel

In its latest tracking study of American travellers, it found that only 27% of travellers report the pandemic would greatly affect their travel in the next six months, down from 36% in early September.

And it also found that the percentage who changed their upcoming travel plans due to COVID-19 fell from 59% two months ago to 48% in the latest survey.

Amir Eylon, president and CEO of Longwoods International, said that: “The latest numbers from our U.S. traveller research are encouraging.”

Eylon continued: “As we have seen throughout the pandemic, traveller sentiment tends to track closely with the perceived state of the virus throughout the country – the more progress made against COVID-19, the stronger the demand for and confidence in travel.”


However, despite the improvement in traveller sentiment, attitudes about travelling during the upcoming holidays remain mixed. Two-thirds of American travellers are fully or partially vaccinated. However, they are evenly split about holiday travel – half have no hesitations about traveling this holiday season, while the other half does.

Meanwhile, a third of travellers aren’t vaccinated. Among them, two-thirds have no hesitancy about holiday travel, while a third do.

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