Faith-Based Tours Growing in Popularity


With an increase of 5% worldwide in the last five years, faith-based travel has become one of the fastest growing segments of the industry, and one the Globus family of brands has seen great success in.

Since 2009, Globus and Cosmos clients on faith-based tours geared to the Christian traveller has risen 164% and in 2013 alone, by 59%.

Keeping up with the momentum, Globus has released its new 48-page 2015 Religious Travel  brochure featuring seven international faith-based itineraries highlighting a range of European destinations, including Germany, Poland, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. The company also has itineraries which combine Greece with Turkey and Israel with Jordan.

For many religious travellers, Italy and Israel top the list for divine destinations (58 of travellers are interested in Israel; 30% in Italy) so, it’s not surprising that Globus’ nine-day Journey Through the Holy Land and 11-day Grand Catholic Italy tours are two of the company’s most popular faith-based vacations year after year.

Cosmos — Globus’ sister company — also invites travellers to these significant destinations on a nine-day Spiritual Highlights of Italy and eight-day Holy Land Discovery (featuring two itineraries; one geared towards Catholics and the other, a new online-only nine-day Holy Land Discovery for the Protestant faith). In total, Cosmos will offer five budget-friendly getaways for 2015 with prices starting from $147/day with tours ranging from eight to 12 days in duration.

“In Canada, we’re seeing an increased interest in these tours every year,” says Stephanie Bishop, managing director of Canada. “They are a wonderful way to help travellers appreciate more about their heritage, and bring to life the history of their faith.”

And, according to Globus’ religious travel research, half of their religious travellers view a faith-based vacation as something they need to do to enhance their faith while another half  of their guests also feel more comfortable spending their money on a religious vacation rather than a “regular” getaway.

A strong sense of community is also important to religious travellers.  In fact, 70% are likely to choose a group tour for their religious travel experience. Now with more than a dozen faith-based itineraries offered by both Globus and Cosmos, travellers have more tour choices.

With the potential of making a group with as few as eight people, there are great savings and incentives for travelling in 2015.  Even if a group is looking for a custom set of cities or they simply want to tweak one of Globus’ existing itineraries, the Globus family can craft a journey that’s perfect for each group’s needs, passions and interests.

And, until Sept. 16, travellers can book and deposit to save 10% on any 2015 Globus religious tour. Also, save $100 per person on any 2015 Cosmos religious vacation when you book, name and deposit a passenger, as part of a group by Sept. 16.

For 2015 Globus & Cosmos vacations, agents can earn up to $1,000 to fundraise for a clients’ church or religious organization with the “Get Out & Give Back” program. Depending on the size of the group, Globus will make up to a $1,000 contribution to the church upon completion of travel.