Contac Services Inc. has launched the mywurld Travel Agent Desktop to agents around the world. According to officials, the mywurld suite of products will provide travel agents with a number of new, innovative products that add tremendous value for their agencies and end clients. The mywurld travel platform enables agents to upsell GDS bookings with leisure components such as accommodation, tours, shows, cruise and more, working directly with consolidators. This enables travel agents to drive incremental revenues from existing air bookings.

A cornerstone feature of mywurld is that passengers can also browse and book this content at their convenience, while agents can continue to earn commissions. Once booked, each client will receive a mywurld itinerary which is dynamically generated as a personalized web site with choices specific to each client and their specific itinerary. The suite of products also includes the mywurld travel planner — a tool that can simulate leisure itineraries without the need for an air ticket GDS booking.

“After several years in development, Contac is thrilled to announce the global launch of the mywurld Travel Agent Desktop,” says Riaz Pisani, CEO of Contac Services Inc. “The platform allows travel agents to leverage mywurld technology to compete effectively in the marketplace, seamlessly earning incremental commissions. I believe that this platform will revolutionize the way that travel agents and suppliers will work together in the years ahead.” ( ,