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Contac launches new solution

Contac Services has launched . As part of the mywurld product offering, MyHappyClient is a suite of personalized client retention tools that uses enhanced personal messaging, including images, allowing users across North America to seamlessly stay in touch with their clients. For $19.99 (including shipping), businesses can personalize a full year of touch points to their top clients, including calendars, thank you cards, and greeting cards. Unlike traditional direct mail pieces, Contac uses state-of-the-art technology to insert client names within a variable image on each piece of collateral. The result is a year’s worth of personalized touches that puts businesses ahead of competition, and first in clients’ minds. The technology, previously available only to Contac’s supply chain customers, is an ideal way for any business to connect to clients personally, quickly, professionally, and cost effectively. Recent client retention research reveals that companies who invest in client retention programs are 50-95% more profitable than those that don’t. Businesses engaging in personalized retention tools like MyHappyClient benefit from strengthened client loyalty and increased revenue. “We are entering a new age where client retention matters more than ever,” said Riaz Pisani, CEO for Contac Services. “With an estimated 80% of sales coming from 20% of the clients, it’s no surprise that businesses everywhere are turning their focus towards client retention activities.” Organizations interested in personalizing their client communication can take advantage of the new mywurld personalized product suite by visiting .

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