Contiki Launches New Europe Product For 2024

Contiki is gearing up for Europe in 2024 with its latest product launch that includes new destinations, plus new Pride trips and limited edition age-restricted trips for those travellers who’d prefer to travel with more like-minded people.

New additions include ‘Greek Explorer’ which covers the historic hotspots and geographical wonders of Athens, Meteora, Corfu and more, ‘Best of Georgia’ which is a cultural deep dive into one of Europe’s most emerging destinations, and ‘Best of Baltics’ which visits the hidden gems of Eastern Europe including Split and Budapest.

Contiki has also crafted some bespoke versions of their existing trips, designed to give travellers more choice for who they travel with. Next year, popular European trips including Croatia Island Sail and Greek Island Hopping will run variations exclusive to both 18-22s and 27-35s.

Reunion trips, made exclusively for past Contiki travellers and friends aged between 35 and 45, will run across Morocco, Italy and Spain.

For members of the LGBTQIA+ community keen to travel with a group of fellow community members (and allies too), there are two brand-new Contiki Pride trips: Greek Island Hopping Pride and Croatia Island Sail Pride. Both are variations of existing Contiki trips and will each feature their own private Pride celebration during the trip.

Popular trips ‘London to Athens’ and ‘London to Athens & Greek Island Hopping’ are now available as part of the ‘Plus’ range, which gives travellers the same Contiki experience but with upgraded accommodation. They will stay in a minimum 3-star hotel in a twin-share instead of a multi-share hostel dorm.

Elsewhere in the new offering for 2024 is the Vegan Food Europe Explorer – perfect for vegetarian & vegan travellers (or those who just like plant-based cooking) who want to discover Europe with a like-minded group.

Natasha Lawrence, Commercial & Product Director at Contiki, explained: “Every traveller is different and this latest product launch is all about recognizing that.” Lawrence continued: “We’re known around the world for our multi-country European adventures, but there are many more ways to explore Europe with us – and our newest trips demonstrate this perfectly. There’s Greece which is hugely popular, Georgia which is still a bit of an unknown and the Baltics which offer up thriving art, food and music scenes across cities like Tallinn and Riga.”

Lawrence said: “We want choice to be at the heart of everything we do. Of course every 18 to 35-year-old is welcome on all of our trips (and will have a fantastic time!) but we also know there are 19-year-olds and 33-year-olds who might want to travel with people their own age; there are people from the LGBTQIA+ community who might prefer to travel with a group of fellow community members; there are travellers who want to travel as a big group – but don’t necessarily want to share a room with five other people. We hope that, now more so than ever, everyone will find just what they’re looking for with Contiki.”

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