Contiki Launches ‘New Year, New You’ Campaign

Contiki has launched a new campaign designed to encourage travel agents to inspire young clients to make travel their resolution for the new year ahead.

Entitled, “New Year, New You,” the first major campaign of 2019 for Contiki asks millennials across Canada to think about how they can “be a better you.” Every January Canadians pledge to reset and motivate themselves to live their best life in the new year – whether it’s the old adage of getting healthier or quitting bad habits. But a recent study conducted by Contiki found that over half of Canadian respondents will be looking for new travel experiences in 2019 – with the majority of young Canadians noting that “not travelling enough” and “not trying new things/getting out of my comfort zone” were two of their biggest regrets of 2018. To help young Canadians achieve their goal of travelling more in 2019, clients can save $200 on a selection of Contiki’s favourite “life-altering, bucket-list-crushing, once-in-a-lifetime adventures” when booking by Feb. 17.

“A new year brings so much more than new vacation days,” says Sheralyn Berry, president of Contiki Canada. “January is the perfect time to reflect on how we can better ourselves and what better way than to be enriched with priceless travel experiences? Our new campaign aims to help our travel agent partners encourage their clients to finally take that dream vacation they’ve always been talking about and start 2019 off on the right flight path.”

Fifteen of the youth adventure travel company’s most popular adventures are featured in the campaign. They have been broken down by five pillars, paired with corresponding Contiki experiences, based on findings from the same Contiki study as to the main motivator behind what young Canadians look for when they travel. They include: Travel with Purpose; Local; Food; Culture; Wellness & Active.