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Contiki Launches Revolutionary ‘ContikiCam’

Have your clients always dreamed of starring in their own reality TV show? Well now they can, and there’s no audition necessary.

Contiki has introduced the launch of the revolutionary new ContikiCam on all trips starting today. Staying connected while travelling is a priority for the youth traveller and officials say ContikiCam is the ultimate connection technology which will allow for seamless, hands-free connection at all times.

ContikiCam is a discreet onboard camera that will capture clients’ every move and allow friends and family to follow, all from the comfort of their own home. With ContikiCam, nominated loved ones will be able to log into clients’ live feed and follow their journey every step of the way.

Contiki is also offering a premium upgrade for those looking for even more connection in the form of a stylish new wearable tracking device. The GPS device is worn around the ankle and securely shares travellers’ precise location with those at home. Paired with ContikiCam, this ground-breaking new venture will be the first of its kind for constant connectivity and allow travellers the chance to share every single moment of their experience without having to lift a finger.

On the technology, Contiki president Sheralyn Berry commented, “We’ve listened to the feedback from young Canadians and they’ve told us that staying connected to friends and family on their trip is important, but they don’t want to be sitting on their phones uploading pictures constantly. We’re solving that with ContikiCam The live feed will allow our guests to share every moment of their experience with their friends and family at home without taking away from their experience on the road.”

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Oh, and Happy April Fools Day!

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