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Contiki offers Backstage Pass to Europe

Contiki Holidays has launched a new and improved Europe brochure for 2013-2014, highlighted by 11 new trips and a number of updated itineraries. According to officials, Contiki’s new Europe brochure features “the best there is to see and do on the continent with a Backstage Pass to exclusive sightseeing and exciting activities (white water rafting in Austria, anyone?).”The new brochure has something for everyone with 95 itineraries from camping tours for the outdoor adventurer, ski trips for the slope lovers and festivals and day trips for the party rockers. Contiki clients can also save with the Early Payment Discount, offering 10% off the cost of the trip if booked in full by Dec. 27. Contiki’s ME Time allows travellers to choose between personal exploration or any of the tour operator’s recommended options. Some clients may want to sit by the pool in Greece while others want to try their hand at watersports – it’s all about the providing the traveller with an epic travel experience with ultimate flexibility, says Contiki. New itineraries include Greek Flotilla Sailing, Best of Russia and Croatian Island Hoppers. Also newly introduced this year is Shout!, Contiki’s first iPhone app, which gives travellers the opportunity to upload photos and videos to a live feed exclusive to their fellow passengers, archiving their travel journey together. “This is by far the most comprehensive and exciting Europe brochure we’ve had to date and there’s no better time for clients to live life to the fullest by exploring Europe with Contiki, whether on a multi-country tour or rocking out at BBK Live in Spain,”says Contiki president Brad Ford. “We’ve not only upped the ante with 11 fantastic new trips, but we’re giving young travellers the opportunity to travel Europe with a Backstage Pass, offering them exclusive sightseeing and cool inclusions like our Paris by Night tour.”(

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