Corendon To Place Boeing 747 In Its Hotel Garden

Travel agency, airline company and hotelier Corendon is having a complete Boeing 747-400 transported from Schiphol airport to the Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam next month, where the plane will be placed in the hotel garden.

The Boeing 747 is the former KLM aircraft “City of Bangkok” that will be given a new final destination after 30 years of reliable service. In recent weeks it has been painted in the colours of Corendon in Rome. Also it is has been stripped of all serviceable parts, such as the engines. After the transport, the plane will be placed in the garden of the Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam. The aircraft will be converted into the Corendon Boeing 747 Experience, which will open its doors at Q3 of 2019.

The hotel opened last year in the former headquarters of Sony. With over 680 rooms, suites and apartments, it is the largest hotel in the Benelux. Guests have a view of Schiphol Airport.