Costa Cruises Sets Sail With A New Identity

Costa Cruises is setting sail with a new brand positioning that’s built around exploring destinations through unique experiences and includes not only new product features, but also a new way of communicating, which marks the company’s transformation.

The biggest innovation lies in the company logo, particularly its most distinctive and best-loved feature, as revealed by a consumer survey: the iconic “C” that has been accompanying Costa on seas worldwide for over 70 years.

Francesco Muglia, vice president global marketing of Costa Cruises, said that: “The new brand positioning marks a deep transformation for Costa, which also concerns the way of communicating. The element with the greatest impact is the new logo. The new Costa logo does not give up its historical value and its link with the great tradition of the company, but it develops in a contemporary and innovative way.”

In the new version of the logo, the historic “C” has been updated to better represent Costa’s new positioning, becoming more modern, dynamic and suited to the digital contexts.

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