Costa Rica Out to ‘Save Canadians’


“Canadians are over-worked and under-vacationed, and we’re on a mission to restore their work-life balance,” says Alejandro Castro-Alfaro, director of marketing for the Costa Rica Tourism Board. “That’s why we have launched our 2015 tourism campaign to ‘Save the Canadians.’”

Costa Rican animals are determined to give Canadians – who leave over 40 million vacation days unused every year (according to the 2013 Vacation Deprivation Study) – a reprieve from their vacation deprivation. Their message to Canadians: You NEED some time away – come relax in Costa Rica.

As the country’s first inter-species campaign, Costa Rican animals warn Canadians that their hectic work habits are endangering both their minds and bodies. The messaging is a perfect fit for the country that is best known for its nature and wildlife conservation.

The animals of Costa Rica are reaching out to Canadians through song in a music video. The video is the centrepiece of the campaign and will run online. After purchasing the rights to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” a partnership was created to re-write the lyrics. The music was recorded in Costa Rica with Costa Rican musicians. The video is available at .

The animals will reach out to the overworked on Twitter, they’ll reach out to Canadians through wild postings, and they’ll help make it easier for Canadians to learn more about Costa Rica’s human sanctuaries with a new web site, In the end, Costa Rica will help restore balance to Canadians’ work-life balance.

“The Save the Canadians campaign is fun, lighthearted and allows the opportunity for our country to share its cultural values with the North American market,” said Castro-Alfaro. “We hope this campaign will shed light on the importance of taking time off to improve one’s happiness and ultimately inspire Canadians to visit Costa Rica.”