COVID Takes The Stage At IATA AGM

It came as little surprise that the major topic of discussion at this year’s hybrid IATA annual general meeting in Boston was the ongoing Coronavirus endemic and its devastating effect on global aviation.

Last year’s AGM, slated for Amsterdam, was cancelled while this year’s version was both face to face and on-line.

The 2022 AGM, which will be held in Shanghai June 17 to 19, will be strictly face-to-face.

At the beginning of the Boston AGM, IATA noted. “We are still in the deepest crisis in our history and it is more important than ever to have this meeting to serve as a rallying call of resilience as we find solutions to open borders and re-establish global connectivity, ensure vital cargo lanes and build a sustainable future from the destruction of COVID-19.”

During the Boston event it was announced that Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau was elected to the IATA board.