Cruise Holidays Enhances AgentMate


Cruise Holidays International has introduced new enhancements to AgentMate, designed to make its agencies more efficient and more productive and agile in handling leads.

Recent enhancements involve the formal roll-out of AgentMate’s new Lead Management System and updates to its existing Groups Module, including new group analysis reporting, online group registration and improvements to how inventory is managed. AgentMate is Cruise Holidays’ fully integrated customer relationship management system, agent-facing booking tool and back-office system.

“AgentMate’s new Lead Management System is meant for agencies of all sizes. Our franchise owners with larger staffs and independent contractors can use the tool to easily assign leads to agents based on experience for a particular destination, cruise line or current workload and also monitor follow-up,” said Kevin Weisner, senior vice-president, Cruise Holidays International. “Our more modest Cruise Holidays franchisees can also make great use of the system by setting reminders for follow-up calls and even automating final payment reminders, as just a couple of examples.”

He added, “Perhaps most important, it’s helping our owners and agents change the way they think about client management. AgentMate is more than a booking and accounting tool – now instead of entering client information when a sale is made, they can place leads directly into the system and immediately begin marketing to those prospects. When clients or prospects are entered into AgentMate, our Cruise Holidays agents can select vendor or destination preferences, items typically notated only when booking. Because of this, we foresee more opportunities to convert inquiries into bookings now that agents realize how simple it is to enter the client data. In turn, they’ll make customers for life based on their travel preferences, right from the start.”

Updates to the Groups Module include:

  • New group analysis reporting, which provides improved visibility of potential Tour Conductor credit earnings on group sailings, as well as assists in making sure all bookings are associated to a group if they are permissible by the supplier. A new pricing advantage query provides an at-a-glance comparison of the lowest available fare to contracted group pricing.
  • Online group registration – this enhancement allows the publishing of a group registration page directly on the franchisee’s Cruise Holidays web site, whereby clients can sign up to be part of a group, and the reservation auto-creates in AgentMate.
  • Enhancements to help agents with inventory management.