Cruise Holidays Joins Forces With


Cruise Holidays will become a division within, bolstering the consortium’s size and prestige as’s ranks grow even further.

The transition is taking place to not only add significant value to the ongoing participation by members of the Cruise Holidays family, but also to further increase the overall strength of the Cruise Holidays brand. Both Cruise Holidays and are part of Travel Leaders Group.

According to officials, because Cruise Holidays agencies will be invited to continue using the Cruise Holidays brand via an annual license, there will be little to no impact on anything their clients see, other than continued enhancements, along with a greater variety in suppliers offered by Additionally, Cruise Holidays agencies will continue to benefit exclusively from existing preferred supplier agreements, programs and services.

“The net positive impact on the members of our Cruise Holidays family cannot be overstated,” said John Lovell, president, Travel Leaders Franchise, Leisure and Consortia. “Essentially, this means that Cruise Holidays – along with what our franchisees have come to expect – will remain consistently supported from within the organization. Yet because of’s sheer size and scope, they’ll also now be in a position to further avail themselves of everything that our consortium offers, including additional suppliers particularly on the tour side.”

“Our commitment to the success of our Cruise Holidays members remains intact while at the same time lowering the cost of participation. The Cruise Holidays brand is strategically vital to our company, and through these changes, we’re proud to offer them more than ever before,” said Kevin Weisner, senior vice-president, Cruise Holidays International.

Weisner will remain with the company and join the senior management team.