Cruise webinar with expert Vanessa Lee set for Feb. 1

Are your clients asking questions about the safety of cruising? Are you unsure of how to answer them? Do you have questions yourself about the current state of the cruise industry? Then don’t miss the “Cruising: State of the Union”Q+A webinar with well-known industry expert, Vanessa Lee. On Feb. 1 at 1 p.m., Baxter Travel Media and Encore Cruises present a Q+A webinar in which Lee will provide an overview of the current state of the cruise industry, answer all your questions and prepare you for any of your clients’ concerns. Lee is a founding partner of Encore Cruises and the owner-publisher of Cruise and Travel Lifestyles Magazine. She is also president and CEO of Cruise Strategies Ltd. promoting luxury and niche cruising and a columnist for Travel Industry Today. This is your chance to ask one of Canada’s leading influencers in the cruise industry anything about cruising, safety and security concerns, and the future of the cruise industry. Register now at .