Crystal Unveils New 2019-20 ‘Crystal Getaways’

Crystal Cruises has unveiled a collection of 16 new “Crystal Getaways” for 2019 and 2020.

Sailing aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity and spanning Central America, North America’s Pacific and Gulf coasts, Southeast Asia, China & Japan, the Mediterranean and Caribbean, the five- to eight-night voyages pack tremendous global exploration and all-inclusive luxury into abbreviated versions of longer itineraries.

The newly announced Crystal Getaways include:

2019: Crystal Symphony, Sept. 28, five nights in Los Angeles and Mexico;

Crystal Symphony, Oct. 3, eight nights from Mexico to Costa Rica;

Crystal Serenity, Oct. 23, five nights in Greece and Italy;

Crystal Symphony, Oct. 25, six nights along the Gulf Coast and Caribbean;

Crystal Serenity, Oct. 28, eight nights in Italy, Monaco, France and Spain;

Crystal Symphony, Oct. 31, eight nights through the Caribbean;

Crystal Serenity, Nov. 24, six nights in the Caribbean;

Crystal Serenity, Nov. 30, six nights in the Caribbean;

Crystal Symphony, Dec. 11, five nights in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico.

Crystal Symphony, Dec. 16, five nights in Mexico and San Diego.

2020: Crystal Symphony, March 1, eight nights in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam;

Crystal Symphony, March 9, seven nights in Vietnam and Hong Kong;

Crystal Symphony, March 16, seven nights in Taiwan and Japan;

Crystal Symphony, March 23, eight nights in Japan and China;

Crystal Symphony, March 31, five nights in Hong Kong and Vietnam;

Crystal Symphony, April 5, eight nights in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore.

Fares for the new Crystal Getaways begin at US$1,290 per guest and are now available for booking.