CTA Introduces New Interline Baggage Rules


The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has made changes to rules pertaining to interline baggage involving multiple carriers on flights to and from Canada.

The agency has ruled that on single ticket purchases involving multiple carries on or after Oct. 1, carriers should apply a single set of baggage rules to the entire itinerary and disclose the applicable rules on the itinerary receipt or e-ticket.

According to officials, the Agency’s new approach, as set out in its Interline Baggage Rules for Canada, is consistent with US requirements, fostering a harmonized North American approach. This, in turn, avoids conflicting requirements and reduces unnecessary burden on the airline industry.

For several decades, air carriers’ baggage allowances were either assessed on a piece or weight basis. However, in recent years, carriers’ approaches to applying baggage rules changed and they began to apply their own rules to their own flight segments for trips involving multiple air carriers. This, according to the Agency, resulted in uneven practices internationally and created confusion for passengers.

“The Agency’s approach to interline baggage rules is guided by two fundamental principles — a seamless and transparent baggage regime for passengers and a harmonized and practical regime for industry.”

Agency staff will work with industry to ensure understanding of, and compliance with, the new approach by Oct. 1.