CTA launches new tools for handling complaints

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has launched two new resource tools for travellers with disabilities and for transportation service providers to improve their access to and understanding of the Agency’s process for resolving disputes within the federal transportation network. These new client-centred resource tools explain the Agency’s approaches in resolving accessible transportation complaints between persons with disabilities and service providers of the federal transportation network. More specifically, the tools: Provide information on how to file a complaint regarding an “undue obstacle”experienced by a person with a disability; Guide applicants and service providers through the process to resolve a dispute, from initial contact with the transportation service provider to informal and formal dispute resolution options with the Agency; and clarify the key questions addressed during formal adjudication and explain the approaches the Agency uses in resolving accessible transportation complaints. “As noted in its 2011-2014 Strategic Plan, the Agency is committed to providing resource tools that relate to its accessibility mandate and making them readily available to all Canadians, including persons with disabilities,”says Geoff Hare, chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency. “Through enhanced understanding, these resource tools will help ensure full access to the recourses available to travellers with disabilities to resolve their disputes with transportation service providers.”(

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