CTC takes its Signature Experiences DownUnder

With Signature Experiences Collection members taking centre stage, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has unveiled its latest campaign for the Australia market, where the number of potential long-haul travellers climbed to 8.3 million in 2011, up 22% from 2007’s 6.8 million. It’s the first time that Collection members — in this case 24 — have been used in CTC’s global marketing campaigns since the Signature Experiences Collection was launched in July. The Collection showcases extraordinary Canadian tourism experiences from across the country designed to “ensure Canada stands out in a crowded and fiercely competitive marketplace.”Maxime Bernier, minister of State for Small Business and Tourism, said, “As ambassadors of Canada’s tourism brand, ‘Canada. Keep Exploring,’ these unique experiences are a highlight of the Government of Canada’s Federal Tourism Strategy. Through this new strategy, we continue to position Canada’s tourism sector as an economic driver of jobs and growth in every region of the country.”The Australia campaign is also the first taste of CTC’s new global marketing platform. The approach highlights authentic traveller-to-traveller experiences and stories, showing possible Canadian journeys in a timeline along the bottom of the ads. Ads in print and online, as well as engagement via social media, are the primary vehicles for catching Aussies’ attention. (http://www.keepexploring.ca)