Cuba Tourist Board Offers Post-Ian Update

The Cuba Tourist Board reports that Hurricane Ian went through the most western part of Cuba, over the province of Pinar del Rio, during the night of Sept. 26 with category 3 force winds, exiting the country in the morning of Sept. 27, 2022, causing some damages in local areas of Pinar del Rio.

It advises that there are no resorts in the neighboring areas impacted by the hurricane; none of the popular hotel zones were affected, all the airports in the island are open and the country is fully operational.

While there have been some reports that the island had no power, Lessner Gomez, Director of The Cuba Tourist Board in Toronto, clarified that the local damages didn’t affect any hotel infrastructure.

Said Gomez: “We want to reassure Canadians that the hotels are opened 100 % with no damages, the hotels they have their own generators, and they are operating normally” he said.

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