Cut through the noise with TDC

Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has rolled out a new marketing program for its affiliate network. The program has been developed to include a suite of initiatives to support local marketing efforts. Louise Fecteau, director, operations and member services, said that: “Our goal has never strayed off course. Simply put, we want our members to continue to be successful and we are here to help them toward that goal. We understand the business drivers and initiatives that will make our members successful. In today’s competitive landscape, with all the noise that is out there now, we are confident that this affiliate marketing program will help put a better framework around how to reach sales more effectively.” The program for affiliates includes an e-store with print on demand marketing collateral and merchandise options, as well as a professional resource to help affiliates with planning and fulfilment of the marketing goals. As well, TDC will be offering its affiliates a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program with the objective of building stronger loyalty within the agencies’ clientele. Included are e-mail templates that feature exclusive offers from TDC’s preferred suppliers. These e-mails are personalized to each of the agencies that have subscribed to the program. In announcing the program, TDC pointed out that in terms of cost management, research shows that client retention is nearly seven times more profitable than the investment of time and money needed for new-client acquisitions. In addition, average existing customers spend approximately 15% more than new customers. Go to for more.

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