Cycling To Adventure

Biking in Tahiti has been popular for many years now, but Goway’s new cycling safaris made add that little bit more adventure that honeymooners head there may be looking for.

For couples staying at the Four Seasons Bora Bora, there is an opportunity to enjoy a biking adventure on the water.

The unique experience is made possible by the Schiller Bike, a pedal-powered aquatic bike that has taken its creator, Judah Schiller, across the Hudson River, and even the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay.

Honeymooners and other holiday makers using the bikes in Bora Bora however are unlikely to contend with such challenging conditions.

On French Polynesia’s most famous atoll, the bikes are designed for exploring the pristine lagoon, giving cyclists a close-up marine life encounter, along with stunning views of the atoll’s mountainous interior.

However, Tahiti isn’t the only honeymoon destination offering new biking adventures.

Two Thailand favourites are offering bike tours of their own. Globetrotters can enhance their Bangkok city break with a half day ride, including temple visits and time spent at a local community, including an elementary school.

Meanwhile, the Colours of Chiang Mai cycling trip takes adventurous guests to the former capital, Lana. Here, they’ll wander ruins dating back hundreds of years, before visiting a Chinese temple, a pottery-making factory, and either a monk’s school, or a local elementary school.  Either trip brings a touch of local adventure to any Thailand vacation.

Globetrotting experiences, both in tropical spots like Tahiti and Thailand, and in popular adventure destinations like New Zealand. Goway’s Mountains to Sea Guided Cycle Adventure from Queenstown was introduced in the company’s last Downunder brochure, and has proven a hit with those on an active New Zealand vacation.

Goway Island’s general manager, Bronwyn Hodge observed: “Today’s newlyweds of all ages are seeking a totally unique experience, beyond a standard vacation. Doing an adventurous activity, or visiting an awe-inspiring site is a great way to begin life as a married couple. Afterwards, we suggest splurging on a beautiful 5-star villa.”

The Schiller Bike is exclusive to the Four Seasons Bora Bora, part of several of Goway’s Bora Bora vacation packages. The Colours of Bangkok and Colours of Chiang Mai excursions can be added to almost any of Goway’s Thailand tours. The Mountains to Sea Guided Cycle Adventure is an easy addition to any Queenstown stay.

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