Denmark’s Stevns Klint Gets World Heritage Status


At its annual meeting in Qatar, UNESCO’s World Hheritage committee has added the coastal cliff Stevns Klint in Denmark to its list of World Heritage Sites.

Stevns Klint is a world-class geological site. In the centre of the white cliff is a thin, dark layer of clay. The clay contains the story of the asteroid that hit the earth 66 million years ago and destroyed half the world’s animal and plant species – including the dinosaurs.

Stevns Klint is the fourth Danish site to be added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Jelling was the first site in Denmark to be placed on the list 20 years ago and, later, Roskilde Cathedral and Elsinore Castle were added. In addition, the Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland also belongs on the list as a part of the Danish Commonwealth.


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