DeNureTours Unveils 2017 Lineup


DeNureTours has launched its 2017 brochure, complete with new logo and a new focus for the company.

Not only does the publication feature new tours and destinations, but it also signifies an evolution for DeNureTours – which officials say is no longer satisfied with simply offering travel options, but more focused on providing the inspiration for travel.

“We are so excited about the array of tours featured in our new brochure,” said Julia Bryan, general manager of DeNureTours. “We spent the last year reflecting on our core values and shaping our vision for the future, and this brochure is the culmination of this intensive work.”

DeNureTours has reviewed each and every tour to ensure that it is responding to the changing interests of travellers. The new logo, a kaleidoscope, symbolizes that even when looking at something, a small twist can change the nature of the image – just as looking at an itinerary with fresh eyes helps to create something new and exciting.

The 2017 brochure features tours and cruises throughout the United States, Britain and Europe, along with some new destinations such as Iceland & Scandinavia, Portugal, China and Australia & New Zealand. It also has a number of new Canadian tours.

To order copies of the new brochure, visit the Envoy website, call 1-800-668-6859, or order them online at