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Destination Canada Says: Help Save our Summer

In a message to the Canadian tourism industry, Destination Canada’s chair of the board, Ben Cowan-Dewar writes that:

“In the past weeks, we have heard from you with many of our veteran industry peers describing the hardest weeks of their careers — budget and resource cuts, sudden and drastic loss of business and uncertainty about the future. Collectively, we have never faced anything like this.”

And he continues:

“While there are many unknowns, a few things remain clear. We know that the actions of Canadians over the next few weeks are critical to determining how and when we will flatten the COVID-19 curve. We know that adhering to federal guidelines around health and safety is the priority. It is also our best chance at reducing the negative impact and longevity of the pandemic, and as a tourism sector, we know how critical it is to save our summer.”

As for what can be done today, Cowan-Dewar writes:

“Destination Canada will amplify messages encouraging Canadians to follow government health guidelines – and we are calling on all of our Team Canada partners to help to do the same.”

Explaining that:

“We are asking you to align your communications efforts and use your channels and networks in the coming weeks to encourage all Canadians to stay at home, to practice physical distancing and to adhere to self-quarantine measures, among the other health recommendations.”

Industry members can:

Cowan-Dewar continues:

“Destination Canada will continue to share relevant information to our industry about the financial, human resources and business support available through the Government of Canada. We will also continue to update you on our plans as the situation progresses. Stay connected by subscribing to Destination Canada News, following our corporate social channels Twitter / LinkedIn and regularly visiting”

And he notes that:

“In addition to the call to stay home and stay healthy, this is also the time to show our Glowing Hearts. Isolation does not need to mean that we are alone. We encourage you to share stories of unity: Canadians coming together to help others (caremongering), community resilience and support, or individuals who are personifying the best of us during the worst time we can remember. Please send your stories to”

“We are in this together,” writes Cowan-Dewar. “This is a critical time for our industry. By aligning our efforts and encouraging Canadians to stay home now, we are doing our part to help save our summer. Your individual actions today can help shape our future.”


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