Destination France set to hit the road

The 2013 Destination France road show is on track to visit four Canadian cities from Feb. 26 to March 1 — Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. During these events, Destination France will recognize tour operators that help make Canadians discover a new side of France by their innovative programming. In total, four trophies will be awarded. The Product of the Year Award will honour the most original tour or stay in France. The jury, composed from members of the French Tourism International Advisory, will select five products from Quebec and five from the rest of Canada. Following this first selection, Canadian travel agents subscribing to the France Tourism Development Agency’s professional newsletter will be invited to vote for the product they think the most original starting Jan. 29 to Feb. 12. Furthermore, two Destination France Partner of the Year Awards will go to tour operators with the highest level of participation in the France Tourism Development Agency’s actions and missions in 2012 (one for Quebec in Montreal, on Feb. 26, and the second one for the rest of Canada, in Toronto, on Feb. 27). Atout France has already sent e-mails to each eligible business informing them of the registration process and rules. Those who haven’t received this invitation may contact Atout France. (