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It’s a New Year and Intrepid Travel is urging everyone to commit to a new travel challenge in 2015 for just $1. With a number of challenges on offer – from conquering Everest Base Camp to eating a spicy road-side soup in Asia or learning tango to dance the night away in Buenos Aires – Intrepid says it has “an experience for everyone this year.” And to help lock in your client’s commitment, any Intrepid package can be secured for “a measly $1 deposit” if reserved by Feb. 28. “New Year’s resolutions too often fall through in the first few months. Here at Intrepid we’re making sure that there are no excuses, with just a $1 deposit to lock in… travel plans,” said Christian Wolters, deputy general manager. “It’s the first time Intrepid have ever offered a $1 deposit and we know we’ll get loads of travellers accepting the challenge. So we’re encouraging all agents to jump on board and lock in their client’s travel dreams in 2015.”



Travel Courier Issue Date: Jan 29, 2015
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